Darlene Van de Grift
My Mother was a Walk-In

Darlene Van de Grift is a globally renowned Medical Intuitive, Medium, and Multidimensional Mediator for over 40 years and founder of Soulunion. Darlene’s passion comes alive in her ability to co-create with Multidimensional Beings to access clients’ Innate Wisdom and support them in establishing their personal Guidance connection. Her gifts and talents help people find their purpose in life, promote a healthy body, and boost their Spiritual Resilience.

Her interests and abilities include being an author, artist, teacher, medium, energy and bodyworker, Multidimensional group facilitator, podcast presenter, and mentor in spirituality, health, relationships, and careers.

Darlene channels the Evolves, a co-creative body of multidimensional beings who are here to aid humanity in this time called the Great Divide. A monthly group called Cosmic Travelers is invited to join the Evolves in the Sacred White Space of neutrality to clear Timelines, release Karma, and provide healing individually and collectively. She is presently publishing her first book called ‘Earthbound; The Genesis of the Great Experiment. In a series of five mind-bending books called “The Multidimensional Chronicles” which are the memoirs of Darlene’s incarnation as EliWizar and his other incarnations.

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