David K Miller

David K. Miller is the director and founder of an international meditation group focused on personal and planetary healing called the Groupofforty (www.groupofforty.com) . He has been director of this global healing group for over 25 years. David has been developing groundbreaking global healing techniques using group counsiousness and planetary healing techniques. He works to direct powerful healing group energy to help heal areas in the Earth which need blance, restoration and harmony. One technque he uses with his group work is called Bio-relativity, which uses group consciousness work to restore the Earths “feedback loop system”, a complex planetary system which maintains the correct balance of our planet’s atmosphere, ocean currents and weather patterns. Another technique he uses is called developing Planetary Cities of Light, which helps to create sacred cities of light around the globe.

David’s planetary meditation group has over 1200 members worldwide. In addition to his lectures, online webinars, and workshops, David is also a prolific author, publishing over 18 books and numerous articles on Earth Healing techniques. His published books (www.lighttechnology.com) include: Connecting with the Arcturians, Volumes 1-4, Teachings of the Sacred Triangle Volumes 1-3 , New Spritiual Technology for the 5th Dimensional Earth and Raising the Spiritual Light Quotient of the Earth, 5th Dimensional Soul Psycholgy and Kabbalah and the Ascension. And 5th Dimensional Soul Psychology. Several of his books have also been published in German, Portuguese, Spanish and Romanian. . David works together with his wife, Gudrun Miller, who is a therapist and visionary artist. Together they have conducted workshops and planetary healing events. In the United States, Brasil, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rico, Spain, New Zealand, Belgium, Turkey and Spain. David’s foundation for this work lies in his study and connection to Native American Teachings , the Arcturians and his study in expanded consciousness, mysticism, and the Kabbalah.

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