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Born in Venezuela and naturalized Mexican. Author of more than 15 books on human development, anthropology and spirituality, with “Free your Mind” and “The Universe of Morpheus” among his most recognized best sellers available in some of the most important bookstores in Mexico and Latin America. Dharmapa studied music and composition at the Miguel Angel Espinel conservatory in Venezuela, from which he obtained a Bachelor in Advertising and marketing. Awarded the degree “Doctor honoris causa” by the University of Alica in the state of Nayarit, Mexico, for his significant work at national and international level in the field of anthropological research and human development. Creator and inventor of the world-renowned therapeutic musical instruments: JicuriDrum, Mandalaphone, Binaural Pulsar , Shakti Drum, Atlantean Singing Bowls, among others. Composer with a discography of more than 8 albums, covering ethnic and therapeutic music. Master of spiritual philosophies, meditation, and martial arts, with more than 25 years of experience in themes such as anthropology, sound therapy, musician therapy, astrology, lucid dreams, therapeutic tarot and personal development based on different philosophical lines stories such as: Gnosticism, Kung fu, Buddhism and semiology mainly.

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Ancient Egypt & The Extraterrestrial Connection