Doctah B Sirius

Doctah B Sirius, PhD is a leading mind, body and spirit medicine man, certified doctor of metaphysics, master herbalist- natural remedy formulator, wellness educator, and vibrational healing music pioneer. He is widely respected and endorsed by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dick Gregory, Alice Coltrane and a host others. Doctah B Sirius has clients spanning across 6 continents who trust him with their physical, emotional, mental and wholistic well-being.

Medicine Man:
Born into a long line of healers, counselors, and teachers with roots in ancient America, Africa and India, Doctah BSirius continues this long family tradition as a master herbalist entrenched in natural healing and higher consciousness. He chooses powerful botanicals that have been grown in nutrient dense lands.

Doctah B‘s unique proprietary system infuses vibrational energy such as light and sound waves along with programmed water to create essential remedies for the healing of nations. “By addressing the root cause of our imbalances and deficiencies, we create a way of living that promotes not only physical health, but births an energetic shift to help optimize our true potential as vibrant beings on the planet.”

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