Meral “Doe Renee” Jones

We are completely shifting the paradigm of humanity such that a peaceful society is emerging.

She has a heart-felt desire to put her hometown of Pueblo, CO on the map as a global leader in regenerative solutions. As a mother of two young leaders, Leonidas and Zelda, she is inspired to co-create a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

She is an authorship coach, business consultant, teacher, mechanical engineer, community organizer, and artist. As a reiki healer, she is a co-creator of “subtle activism” and dream time revolution. She says, “We can BE and do so much in the astral realms and of course, starting with healing ourselves and rippling that into the collective. “

She is a leader for naturally dissolving the oppressive systematic complexes of this world through co-creating sacred economics in thriving, local and regenerative communities.

Since 2020, she has been standing for unprecedented creativity with Author Catalyst Academy by helping people get their powerful messages and books to the world.

She is also telling Pueblo’s story and honoring diversity at the Pueblo Heritage Museum as their Director. Meral Doe Renee is the author of several books including The Cosmic Sagas and The Sacred Feminine which illuminate concepts of self-appreciation and mental wellness for young people and adults alike.

She will be guiding an activation our our inner portal of creativity and radical self expression: the missing link for co-creating sacred economy within and without.

Connect with her at or @doerenee on most social platforms.

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