Donna Kassewitz

Donna is co-founder along with her husband Jack in the Speak Dolphin Communication Research Project, advancing the field of human-cetacean communication. Their Speak Dolphin scientific breakthrough of the images inside dolphin echolocation on geometric shapes and even a man underwater received global recognition. Also significant, is their discovery of the hidden musical notes within dolphin vocalization. Donna is also a founding partner of Dolphin Discovery, the world’s largest family of dolphin sanctuaries, which has hosted millions of Human-Dolphin interactions – eye to eye and heart to heart, in the USA, Mexico and the Caribbean. She is the founder of Dolphin Energy Medicine, leading small groups on week long expeditions to partner with dolphins for in-water healing work, on both the humans and the dolphins. Donna is founder of the Dolphin Ambassador Program, a multi-level certification program, training leaders with practical, hands-on dolphin knowledge in order to Build Human-Dolphin Partnerships for Excellent Global Stewardship. Because of her unique position in the world of Human-Dolphin Interaction for 30+ years, Donna has witnessed how dolphins living in human-care are playing a major role in raising the vibration of humanity in order to assist in the Planetary Ascension. Donna’s talk will share some of the dolphins’ messages over the years, plus insights into how dolphin energy fields uplifthumans in the water with them, and a few of the dolphin miracles she has witnessed.

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