Donna Wallace

Donna helps people all around the world to switch their lights. With over 25 years of energy healing experience, Donna has found the most powerful and effective techniques for you to heal – and not like healing the layers of the onion where new layers seem to appear but getting to the heart of the matter and actually fixing things. Her motto is ‘work that works’.

Her intuition has led her on the most magical carpet ride of life; making a sea change with her family, building houses and starting another fascinating business creating high quality, high vibe jewellery that energetically activates you.

The work Donna does with clients today is twofold:

1) She helps people heal deeply from the past and birth family challenges. The deep ache in their hearts is replaced with an overflow of love and feeling supported. They cry tears of gratitude for the beauty of life around them and sleep soundly at night (often like a starfish!). Their intuition is on fire, they access the magical world of spirit, feel strong and confident, and always know the next best step to take in life.

2) Donna helps people discover their perfect ‘soulmate stone’, creating soul-sparking, luxurious handmade heirloom jewellery that supports their soul blossom into their potential! She has created a powerful new paradigm: healing through beauty!

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