Dorothy Walters

Dorothy Walters has been an intrepid explorer and faithful chronicler of her mystical journey since her Kundalini awakening nearly four decades ago. Through a series of books of both luminous poetry and eloquent prose, she has given meaningful voice to her experience of “the beloved within,” as well as to energetic and mystical realms of which others have had only passing glimpses. Her latest book, Kundalini Wonder, provides a full and important account of her many years of assimilating these energies and her spiritual awakening, told with deep humility and compassion. Her insights and revelations are a gift to anyone on the spiritual path and an encouragement to all those willing to venture beyond what she has called “this thin edge of certainty.” Dorothy and her new book are the very “spiritual buddy” that she says we should all seek to have by our side, a beloved friend for this sometimes solitary spiritual journey.

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