Dr. Sam Osmanagich
Bosnian Pyramid & Pyramid Tech

Dr. Sam Osmanagich is a scientist, megalithic and pyramid sites researcher, internationally acclaimed author, public speaker and businessman. He’s discovered the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids that consist of at least six colossal pyramid structures and huge network of prehistorical underground tunnel network near the town of Visoko in central Bosnia-Herzegovina. He’s been Principal Investigator of the Project from 2005 to present. He has established NGO ‘Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun’ Foundation and serve it as Director.

He holds Ph.D. on Mayan pyramids. Anthropology professor and Director of Center for Anthropology at American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina (2010-2011), Honorable Member of the Bosnian Academy of Sciences and Arts BANUK (2023), foreign member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Moscow, Russia (2007) and Croatian Academy of Science and Art in Diaspora, Basel, Switzerland (2015). 

Author of 18 books on pyramids around the world and ancient civilizations, translated into 17 languages. Recipient of the United States Congressional Certificate of Recognition (2013). First honoree of the Amelia B. Edwards Award for “outstanding research and advancement of knowledge of pyramids around the world’’. Member of Archaeological Society of Alexandria (2006) established in 1897. Awarded “Diamond in the Pyramid Science”, Bengaluru, India (2016) “for having done exceptional outstanding fundamental work in creating basic awareness for the Pyramid energy power”. 

His work and scientific field experiments on Bosnian Pyramids have resulted in new definition on pyramids: they are not tombs for kings but energy amplifiers used by living communities for cosmic communication, self-healing, improvement of molecular structure of water and food, auric field healing, chakras balancing, development of spiritual senses and refinement of social organization.

Founder and owner of the most beautiful Park ‘Ravne 2’ in Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina which has become Balkan’s cultural and sport oasis (www.parkravne2.com).

He received ‘Person of the Year in Bosnia-Herzegovina Award’ by the largest newspapers two times: 2007 and 2021. He became first Honorary Citizen of the Town of Visoko. He has no political affiliation. 

Official web site: www.samosmanagich.com

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