E.L. Light

E.L Light Aka Ellen Holmes is a soul coach, Kundalini Activator and spiritual business strategist. Following her kundalini awakening in 2013, she embarked on a spiritual adventure traveling around the world studying with different masters both ancient and new healing modalities including Shamanism, yoga, Qigong, Meditation, Reiki, Theta Healing, sacred geometry and light language. Today she shares the most powerful practises and teachings that she has uncovered along her journey to assist humanity in full body ascension.

E.L Light has a wide experience in various spiritual businesses where today primarily serves as a spiritual business consultant and coach for spiritual entrepreneurs.

She has an online mystery school where she shares metaphysical teachings and practises in video courses and coaching programs. In 2017 she co founded We Are Love an events and media agency for spiritual influencers and has also worked as a galactic ambassador of the family of light in the disclosure movement assisting the The Ufology World Congress, working with world leaders and authorities in the field of science, politics and spirituality.

Her work is deeply influenced by many of the mystical encounters she has had throughout her journey where from 2016 she began awakening to the New Earth Crystalline Kingdoms of Light and New universal consciousness of the ancient future, guided by tall celestial guardians who she also refers to as the giants of light. Much of her multidimensional work focuses on bridging these realms facilitating the planetary integration to the times that were before and are once again returning to the earth as humanity comes home to Christ consciousness within.

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