Eluña is a student of the Universe, an Akashic channeler, and a psycho-spiritual healer. She is devoted to the esoteric teachings of the ancient mystery schools, walking and guiding as an initiate and conduit of the Divine.

As a safeguard to her traumatic upbringing, Eluña’s extra-sensory faculties were online as an infant. She has always been in direct conversation with her guides and remembered her past lives. She learned at an early age to keep this to herself, but always took comfort in the relationship with her guides.

When she was 14, Eluña entered into her first dark night of the soul and was prepared to remove herself from the Earth plane by taking her life. Her guides asked her to consider why she had come and how she could continue to live and be in joy, instead of suffering. Eluña realized her truth, and decided then and there how she would live for the rest of her life: as a student. She chose to see each moment as a school, and each person as a teacher. This was the beginning of her awakening journey as she now saw the world with new eyes.

Through every adversity she encountered, Eluña knew there was a deeper underlying purpose and meaning. She was aware that she herself had chosen the experience, and so chose to hold a higher perspective and see the lesson and benefit in everything. While she will forever be a humble student, Eluña is serving the Creator and walking her path as a healer-teacher. She now has had decades of practice to hone her psychic abilities, enabling her to use her gifts in service.

In her work with others, Eluña has facilitated deep healing and helped to return people to what she calls their “sacred temple,” their heart-center. She knows that it is in the heart-center that all beings can receive healing through the restoration of the sacred – the birthright of sovereign knowingness. It is from this place that sacred relationship can be established with the Divine, thus enabling each person to know their rightful place on Earth and in the Collective. No doubts can remain in the light of the Divine. No doubts can remain in the light of sovereign knowingness, only trust and surrender.

It is in this light that all beings will know themselves as one. Eluña’s mission is to restore the sacred within the heart of every person and in all the sacred sites on Earth that call her to them. Eluña works privately with clients, offers free channelings and teachings on Youtube, as well as holds private events for groups.

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