Esperide Ananas Ametista

A psycho-sociologist with master degrees in literature and communication, and a PhD in Wisdom Studies, Esperide is a consultant for international companies and institutions in projects connected to creativity, future scenarios, community building and personal growth.

Spiritual healer, coach and story-teller, Esperide has been conducting research on the paths of time since 1999, helping many people around the world remember their other lives. Her work in this field is inspired by the tradition of Damanhur, a school of knowledge and a spiritual movement known for the Temples of Humankind, a work of art dedicated to universal mythology and to the awakening of the divine in every human being.

Esperide is the author of several books on spiritual philosophy. Her latest work is: “33 Lives from the Book of Time,” dedicated to past life research and its possible scientific explanation. Esperide has over 20 years of experience in following the time tracks of individuals to discover those other lives more meaningful for their evolution, and help them bring back the cellular memory and the awareness of their expansion in time. She facilitates group and individual processes on all continents.

Before joining the central area of Damanhur, located in a beautiful mountain valley in Italy, Esperide has lived in several countries around the world, and worked for the European Parliament and the United Nations.


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