Esperide Ananas Ametista

Esperide Ananas Ametista, MA, Hon PhD, is a psycho-sociologist, healer, spiritual mentor and international facilitator, with the ability to express very complex and at times mind-bending themes in a very clear and understandable manner, and with a touch of humor. With a rich background in social policies, and experience collaborating with international institutions, she serves as a consultant for projects revolving around creativity, future scenarios, and fostering vibrant communities all over the world.

Since 1993, Esperide has had her home base in the Spiritual Federation of Damanhur in Italy, and is one of their most notable Ambassadors. Within Damanhur, her contributions include being one of the foremost researchers and educators in the realm of consciousness expansion techniques, bridging our ancient past—with a specific focus on Atlantis—with the future.

She is the author of several books on spiritual themes. In her latest “33 Lives from the Book of Time. Stories and Science to remember who you are”, Esperide delves deep into the theme of simultaneous lives, and their relevance in personal and collective awakening. Insights from contemporary scientific research and neurosciences complete the book, supporting the thesis that time isn’t linear but rather exists all at once, allowing for multiple lives to occur simultaneously.

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