Eugenia Alves

Around my 33 years old, I saw Jesus in a vision. I woke up one night and He was standing in my bedroom looking at me. I was not able to move myself. He was coming in my direction, reaching His hand to me, trying to touch my head. My mind couldn’t understand and I didn’t allowed His touch. I was not ready for the magnificence of His presence. But, without being aware, it was the beginning of a journey of deep healing and transformation. The right people and events started to come in my way, helping me to open and evolve.

In 2015, Reconnective Healing opened the door to a new dimension of my being and human experience. A new level of awareness started to emerge. Two years later, I went to my first workshop with The Stargate Experience and it was a life change experience. I was finally feeling at home, in touch with my True Self and with a new dimension of love.

I was finally ready to accept Jesus in my life as my Master and I begun to channel my Pleiadian Star family, who prepared me during two long years, to be able to channel high vibrations of Love and Light, in the purest way. In 2019 , I was invited to channel for the first time , the Pleiadian Mothers to hundreds of people, during a Global Stargate Gathering in Slovenia.

In the same year, I did my training as Stargate facilitator in Crete and I started to open to the remembrance of my past life with Jesus and feeling really close to Him and Mary Magdalene, who I channeled for the first time and connected with the power of the divine feminine. Months later, Mother Mary came to me for the first time and asked me to bring Her Divine Love to humanity and I begun to give Mother Mary’s energetic transmissions.

Isis was supporting me, as She trained me to be an emissary of the Divine Feminine. I was giving individual sessions but Yeshua was asking me to bring it to a new level. That was time to show myself to the world and bring His Love to humanity and more would come. Synchronously, I was invited to be part of an online Stargate intensive and it was when, for the first time I channeled the powerful and loving presence of the Essenes and I was recognized as one of them by the guide Alcazar.

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