Flo Karuna

Flo Karuna is a planetary guardian and visionary creator who has dedicated his life to spiritual awakening and the empowerment of others. Flo’s spiritual journey began with an instant awakening in a crowded downtown city street that opened him up to ethereal sensitivity and psychic powers overnight. As a messenger for the Great Spirit and a devoted servant of Mother Earth, he has travelled the world engaging in grid work, planetary service and working with ancient sites, honoring the ancestors before him from the earthly and universal perspective.

His natural ability to be plugged into the Akash has led to his creations such as the Pleiadian Oracle Deck, Lyran Oracle Deck, and Masters of Light Board-game, as well as the Upcoming Book Mermaids of Atlantis.

Flo is also the founder of Star-Codes.com, an organization that has grown to a community of over 79,000 starseeds, dedicating to empowering and bring forth Galactic Knowledge into the collection. He is a down to earth soul, seeks to loosen up spirituality while integrating higher dimensional codecs into the earth realms in servitude to the New Earth.

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