Frank Jacob

Frank Jacob is an international award-winning filmmaker, public speaker, popular talk-show guest, visual artist, musician and influencer. Having teamed up with US motion picture production company Screen Addiction, his recent films explore the frontiers of consciousness-raising subjects in the films ‘Solar (R)evolution’, ‘The Klaus Dona Chronicles’, and ‘Packing For Mars’. In 2019 Frank directed and co-produced the series ‘Timeless’, a first of its kind German format exploring the world of the paranormal for US Online Network GAIA.

In March 2022, Frank broke an article about a mysterious group called the ‘Guardians of the Looking Glass’, who claimed to be a breakaway faction of the controversial Project Looking Glass, having re-surfaced to help humanity avert upcoming disasters. This time-peering technology makes it possible to see into probable timelines, future outcomes and more, and is being used by rogue elements in government, as well as the Elite, to bring about a technocratic dictatorship. The story exploded onto internet, making Frank a highly present personality on the blogosphere and talk-show circuit. He followed up with ‘A Tale of Two Timelines’, a webinar that dives deep into the history and main protagonists of that story, which connects consciousness, ETs, CERN, A.I., time-travel, inter-dimensional messages, the meaning of timelines, and an upcoming Cosmic Event with the power to propel mankind into a quantum evolutionary leap long predicted by indigenous peoples around the world.

Other highlights have included a first-of-its-kind ‘live cinema’ feature called ‘LOOP Live Cinema’, where musical stage performances where orchestrated in tandem with dynamic visual sequences projected as dramatic narratives. He was invited to conceive and perform a unique live cinema spectacle, in January 2010, in collaboration with a 65-piece symphony orchestra in Salzburg, the birth town of Mozart.

During his years as a senior editor at the Red Bull Media House, Frank also began writing, directing and producing extreme sports films. He was director, producer, supervising editor and prime contributor on season two and three of the hit Red Bull TV show ‘Ultimate Rush’.

As a presenter, Frank’s multimedia presentations take his audiences deep down the rabbit hole into hidden history, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, secret technology, human evolution, timelines and parallel worlds.

Portal To Ascension Appearances

Project Looking Glass & The Tale of 2 Timelines