Gayle Mack

Gayle Mack was born into a Hungarian Gypsy lineage. She has been delivering profound messages, channeling and offering hands on healing since the age of three. She channels the Divine Mother and her many aspects, as well as, angelic, Christic and multidimensional light beings. She is trained as a ‘Mary’ and works with the etheric Templar Knights.

Gayle Mack is an ordained minister of the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire. She believes her divine purpose is to assist the Planet and humanity on the journey to achieve enlightenment and ascension.

She received her Doctorate in Natural Medicine from the Southern College of Naturopathic Medicine and a Doctorate in BioEnergetics from the Academy of BioEnergetics.

Gayle is the founder of Body & Nature (an alternative wellness center), which incorporates Young Living Essential Oils, the BEMER (microcirculation technology) and electrodermal screening. She has been in the bio-energetic field as a practitioner and educator for twenty years.

She has had phenomenal spiritual experiences throughout her entire life. She is a healer, international speaker, workshop facilitator and author of Spiral Breath: Activating Higher Consciousness, Healing and the Glia Brain.

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