Harnoor Kaur

Cher Jolyne / Harnoor Kaur is an embodiment coach, quantum healer and teacher of metaphysical meditation, multidimensional awareness, ancient temple arts and the Raj lineage traditions of Kundalini Yoga. Growing up as a gifted & highly sensitive child, Cher found that connecting with nature, dance and movement therapy provided a vibrant pathway for processing emotion, communicating with spirit & accessing her fullness as a young star seed. It was not until she became a Bikram Yoga competitor while in college at 19 that she began to understand the miraculous power of the soul/mind/body connection and began her passionate study of the healing arts & science of the soul. Since then she has spent over a decade training in various healing modalities, studying the technology of prayer with plant medicines and honing her craft and ability to hold sacred alchemical space for others. Cher considers herself to be a ‘metaphysical midwife’ and uses her gifts to hold alchemical containers for her clients to self initiate on their souls sacred journey. Through the gift of oracular sight, she finds great pleasure and passion in assisting others in discovering their highest timeline and guiding them through the holy fire with fierce devotion and Phoenix Energy towards reclaiming their power and vibrating on wholeness & with their destiny.

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