Hildegard Gmeiner
Discovering & Expressing the Genius Within

Hildegard Gmeiner grew up in Germany and has a professional background in languages, international trade and broadcast journalism. She has lived in Europe, South Africa and Canada, where she raised her four children. She is an Intuitive Awareness Consultant, a speaker, writer and poet.

During her early thirties she had several near-death experiences. At age 33 she had a soul exchange walk-in experience. This opened her up to continuous telepathic communication and support from her own Andromedan soul aspect, LuiMar.

Hildegard came in with a firm mission that was two-fold: To raise her children to the light; To tell her life story and in so doing help others who had similar experiences.

She offers one-on-one consulting services, provides lectures/workshops/seminars and is writing a book.

Talk Title: Discovering & Expressing the Genius Within

Hildegard will speak about her contact with Intelligences from Andromeda during a Near-Death-Experience, her soul fractal exchange and the challenges integrating a 7-Dimensional Consciousness into a 3-Dimensional physicality, while raising her then tiny children.

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