Honovi Strongdeer
Ambassador for ET Contact

Honovi Strongdeer is a New Earth Leader, Shamanic Priestess, Spiritual Awakening mentor, Channel for Angelic/Extraterrestrial Guides and International speaker. She shares about the ‘New Human Blueprints’ also known as ‘Solar Humans’ that are currently being activated by the current Ascension timeline, energetic shifts and increased Solar activity. Solar Consciousness & Solar Humans are about exploring and embodying the principles of compassion, unity and divine wisdom, and the potentials of living off of Light or Solar Frequencies. Her mission is to shake up the old paradigms and usher in a new era of consciousness.

Strongdeer is also a sound healer, singer, musician, dancer and artist. She specializes in taking people to Sacred Sites for ‘Ancient Activations’ and connection to the civilization known as Lemuria on her International Retreats, combining Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga, Kundalini activation and plant medicine, for once in a lifetime experiences! She is developing a modality called ‘Kundalini Shamanism’™ – which she has channeled, innovated and developed herself, bringing together the Science of Kundalini with Shamanism.

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