Honovi Strongdeer
Ambassador for ET Contact

Honovi is a New Thought Leader, Ambassador for ET Contact, Artist and Writer. She helps people get clear on their Soul Blueprint and Purpose for being here in these transformational times. Supporting shifts into Multidimensional Awareness, and Extraterrestrial Contact through raising Consciousness.

As a Medicine woman, Honovi presently lives in the Sacred Valley of Peru where she co-facilitates sacred ceremonies with mother Ayahuasca, sharing messages from our Star Families.

Honovi Channels Light Language a non-linear higher dimensional language. Her transmissions are assissting people to move into Heart Awareness. Honovi works one-to-one and with groups to ground New Earth frequencies. During 2013 she lived in China studying the ancient art of Qi Gong, Energy Healing and Human Potential otherwise misunderstood as ‘Paranormal ability’. Subsequently she became a certified Qi Gong teacher with The Big Harmonious Family http://www.daohearts.com/teachers


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