Howard Wills

Howard will discuss wisdom, experience and knowledge from 48 years as a healer about how the power of prayer and ancestral healing causes us to “jump timelines” to the higher level of experience of our reality. In this way, we clean the energy that bogs us down into the lower experiences of reality which we do not prefer. This cleaning gives us access to a quantum leap into a new reality experience.

For 48 years, Howard Wills has worked with people all over the world and witnessed marvelous, miraculous transformations. His life-transforming gatherings and one-on-one sessions help people permanently release obstacles that block them from living expansive, healthy and joyful lives filled with love, happiness and well-being. With his non-denominational prayers, he also provides the tools to help support those on seeking to grow, and to support continued and positive transformation, freely available to all.

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Quantum Timeline Jumping Conference