Igor Galibov

Igor had a very sharp awakening in 2004 with a healer who opened his heart in a spiritual surgery to change his life forever. Igor’s senses were heightened and his abilities to see and feel into different dimensional realities shifted his reality in a very intense way. This led Igor to isolation and to explore his own world through meditation and the connection of his higher self which lead him to telepathic communication with many other Celestial and ET races. Spending years in this practice made him understand multidimensionalism and the infinite flow of the universal holographic flow of isness.

Igor basses on a heart-centered perspective of consciousness and awakening your multidimensional potential, his Alignment of Light workshops funnel what he’s learned from over a decade of downloads into simple tools that encourage and support your transformation. His passion is evident as he shows you how he understood the natural flow of the quantum field to manifesting. “The truth is always within you. Always trust your inner guidance.”

His teachings emphasize releasing past trauma and stagnation; DNA reprogramming; balancing and staying present; activating your future vision; realizing your full potential, and becoming spiritually self-sustainable. He has the ability to perceive the holographic vision to simplify how to navigate the quantum complexities of the Soul and multidimensional realities with the pragmatism of a successful businessman.

Portal To Ascension Appearances

The Awakening of Humanity