Jacquelin Smith
Being hybrid, walk-in aspects, light languages

Jacquelin Smith, B.A., is a Certified Hypnotherapist, gifted Psychic, Healer, speaks Star and Light languages, is a Metaphysical Teacher, Star Being and Animal Communicator, Experiencer, a Hybrid who has experienced multiple NDE’s and walk-ins. She is a speaker and has spoken at numerous conferences including the International UFO Congress, Midwest Veterinary Conference, and the Universal Light Expo to name a few.

She has authored three books: Star Being in the Mirror – My Journey as a Hybrid, Star Origins & Wisdom of Animals, and Animal Communication – Our Sacred Connection. She believes that we’re all star beings here on earth and that the animals are star beings as well. She has many audio downloads available at her website which include Telepathic Communication with Animals. Light language audios include: Mantis Transmissions – Light Language with Mantis Beings. Deeper Heart Openings, Awakening Star Consciousness, Dolphin Light and Joy for Opening the Heart, Also, an E-Course on Communicating With Star Beings. Talk Title: Being hybrid, walk-in aspects, light languages Discussion of Jacquelin’s experience of being hybrid. She will share her experiences of integrating walk-in aspects from her own soul, and other souls. Also, she will discuss the power of light languages.

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