Jaden Fox

Jaden is one of those fearless explorers who enjoys going where others dare not look. He’s learned that for many, their power and magic are being deliberately hidden from them by energies that are afraid of human’s awakening and becoming conscious — and he’s determined to change that.

His play is in empowering people to find themselves by clearing the illusions, distortions, and limitations this reality has imposed while fostering expansive awareness of the true infinite magnitude of their authentic Being and Body. He’s continually uncovering new ways to reconnect people to their power and magic so they can BE the change they came here to be!

Jaden is an international presenter and facilitator of tools for awakening consciousness. He uses his wit, humor and authentic expression to awaken and inspire other way-showers to untangle limitation and connect to THEIR inner clarity, so they can step into what they came here to Be and do, NOW. He reconnects people to their Bodies, their potency, and their playful magic while taking audiences beyond this matrix illusion and into their true magnitude beyond this universe!

Finding YOU after a Walk-in

Most walk-in’s feel they did or are doing something wrong… but it’s not true. It’s NOT you that’s messing things up or hiding your truth from yourself. There are energies of corruption and interference on this planet that do not want you to know who you truly are.

In this program Jaden will share how you can work around these complications and FIND your truth!

• Releasing the mental traps that hold you in the past
• Releasing the baggage that blocks your truth
• Getting to know the authentic spirit of your new Body
• Supporting your Body & Planet to be more aware

Portal To Ascension Appearances

Walk-Ins 2 Day Online Conference | The Cosmology of The Soul