James Farrelly
NDE & Walk-In Experience

James was transformed after a traumatic injury while sailing which resulted in a near death experience and soul walk in occurrence. Gone was the former Army officer and paratrooper soul. A new, more loving being emerged and moved forward with a deep spiritual purpose. A path of planting seeds in those souls who seek divine knowledge and a renewed focus of helping all beings on Earth became paramount in his life.

James has been endowed with a variety of gifts he uses for the best and highest good of all. His walk in experience has opened portals to the realms of the Fae, hybrid beings, the Arcturian and Pleiadian races and gifted him with abilities to be a universal channel, speak light language, and allow telepathy with the spirits of the forest, weather and stones. Lastly he loves to commune with his favorites: small spirits such as insects and reptiles.

James is a 1986 graduate of La Salle University. Over an eight year period he extensively studied singing bowls and gongs with Dr Mitch Nur of 9ways Academia, is a graduate of the Shamanic Two Week Intensive at Sacred Trust in the UK and is a CE5 experiencer.

James has been married for thirty two years and has two children. He regularly channels information to bring clarity to others in need of guidance from their Angels, Grandmothers and Guardians. His goal is to help sharpen our awareness of these beings who deeply wish to help us and remind us that love is the key to all transformation.

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