Jan Holden

In veridical perception, someone who has had a near-death experience (NDE) or has experienced after-death communication (ADC) reports that during the experience, they perceived things or gained information that, based on the condition and position of their physical body, they should not have been able to perceive or know. In other words, the perception or information was beyond the reach of the normal senses or the ability to reason/deduce–yet it was later verified as accurate. Examples related to NDEs comprise the book The Self Does Not Die. In this talk, Jan will describe several cases from that book, as well as cases of veridical after-death communication. Such cases indicate that these experiences are not only subjectively real but also objectively real, indicating that mind is more than what the brain does and pointing to the survival of consciousness after death.

Janice Miner Holden, EdD, LPC-S, ACMHP, spent 31 years on the University of North Texas (UNT) Counseling Program faculty and retired in 2019 as Professor Emerita of Counseling. Beginning in 1988 with her doctoral dissertation, her primary research focus has been counseling implications of near-death and related experiences. Her scholarship includes over 50 refereed journal publications; several chapter and book publications, including lead editorship of the 2009 Handbook of Near-Death Experiences and co-editorship of the 2017 book Connecting Soul, Spirit, Mind, and Body; and over 100 national and international presentations. Among Dr. Holden’s numerous recognitions are the 2015 American Counseling Association’s Gilbert and Kathleen Wrenn Award for a Humanitarian and Caring Person and the 2019 UNT Eminent Faculty Award, one of the university’s highest honors. Since 2008 she has served as Editor of the International Association for Near-Death Studies’s scholarly Journal of Near-Death Studies, and she serves currently as that association’s President. Her website is www.janholden.com

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