Jason Addison Ames

Jason Addison Ames saw his life dramatically change starting in 2019, when a walk-in happened to him. Jason’s background is in corporate marketing, but now works full time in the spiritual realm. Jason Addison Ames is a full-body channel, healer, speaker and musician. Jason Addison channels The Guides, a collective of angels, ascended masters and others who help illuminate life’s path. The Guides help empower individuals to achieve a more harmonious life by sharing their deep knowledge and insights. If you are seeking answers to questions, looking for direction or asking for encouragement on your journey, a session with the guides can help.

He is also a Reiki master and energy healer working with humans, pets, horses and palliative care. Jason Addison utilizes a range of healing techniques including Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki, crystal healing, quantum healing, frequency healing, angelic healing and Enochian healing. He is also an animal communicator, assisting in the healing of a range of animals.

Jason Addison has seen his own life dramatically transformed by collaboration with the higher realms and now his purpose is to share what he has been given.

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