Jason Kelly
Lake Mungo, Australia

Lake Mungo – Home of the Oldest Living Culture on Earth

The Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area is a unique conjunction of culture and nature that offers profound insights into ‘ deep-time’ including the origins of humanity and the emergence of spiritual consciousness on the planet 45,000 years ago. It is in this dry lake bed where the remains of two Aboriginal ancestors were found – Mungo Lady and Mungo Man having lived over 42,000 years ago. The local Willandra World Heritage Elders believe they have come back to tell their story, unite local tribes and educate us all about the incredible history of the longest living culture in the world, the Indigenous Peoples of Australia.

This workshop will involve an exploration into Australia’s ancient past, connecting to ancestral memory through music, imagery and stories from Lake Mungo. Participants will experience the mind blowing reality of this sacred site as they journey in the footsteps of the ancestors and explore evidence of human activity exposed in the sand dunes. We will share a ceremony, traveling through layers of time, country and self using Deep Listening, informed by the Indigenous practice of ‘Dadirri’ to activate ancestral memory. The present becomes rich with imagery and possibility as participants nourish their souls, heal and inspire a deeper connection to country and spirit moving through us all.
Jason is a respected Mutthi Mutthi man, ceremony leader and descendant of the Mungo people.

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