Jenn Montgomery
The Unveiling of the Universe: Unpacking the Seed

TOPIC: The Unveiling of the Universe: Unpacking the Seed

Who & What Cannabis IS and Its Role in the Divine Plan-et. What Keys it holds to the proverbial Kingdom–What Potentials it has yet to uncover to the World and What Answers it will give to mankind’s longest-sought questions throughout History. It Begins and Ends with a Seed…A Seed that holds all Answers to the Universe and the Meaning of Life… PLUS Some Thing Else

Jenn Montgomery was born & adopted in Wichita, Kansas on March 28, 1969. From the beginning, her life was different. She felt different, but also soon became aware of the fact that all of the paranormal and psychic experiences of her childhood were not shared by others. Her spiritual experiences and “hidden life,” was always masked and tucked away. Outside of raising kids, Jenn earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Central Florida, but life did not, yet, allow for a career.

In 2003, Jenn met her other half, what some might call a twin flame, Joe. Both were exiting marriages, which left each with nothing to start over. And, here, is where the true sojourn began for them both; as awakened and aware participants on a never-yet-traveled path toward enlightenment. What they actually got was beyond enlightenment, but Remembrance.

The next decade was spent living and working in Central and South America, along with South East Asia and locations throughout the U.S., they were suddenly called to Colorado. Jenn knew it was time for her to enter the legal cannabis industry and build a career. As her past 45 years had revealed, cannabis was more than a demonized, healing plant that shouldn’t be illegal, much more – and the industry was the first truly worthy of commitment. They moved to Manitou Springs, CO and before they could find a house, Jenn had already received her MED badge to work in the Colorado retail cannabis space. Her “Golden Ticket,” she often says.

She started day 1, (on her 46th birthday, 2015) taking ID’s and cleaning toilets, in what quickly became the highest-volume retail dispensary in the State. And a store with a (rare) attention to compliance details. After working thru every position up and to management, Jenn took an offer late 2017 that relocated her and Joe to Southern Cali, where she started up & built out the first licensed adult use dispensary in the Coachella Valley, in the city of Coachella. The store opened the first day of the Coachella Festivals. It quickly took market share exceeding expectations and has rocked ever since, allowing for store 2 in Palm Springs, and more to come.

Today, Jenn consults in “all things” retail cannabis. And, she has recently begun to make the move toward getting back to the center of “why this industry “– to speak and write on the forbidden and forgotten Truth of this densely packed Seed.

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