Jenna Layden

Hey! I’m Jenna, Founder of Star Family Wisdom and Former Global Vice President at Whole Foods Market.

I’m an old soul and have been a leader of transformation and change for over 15 years, leading teams and individuals to adopt empowering mindsets and achieve their goals. I am a student and teacher of Universal Spirituality, a Certified Master Energy Medicine Practitioner, and am particularly passionate about helping humans understand the nature of consciousness, metaphysics, and transpersonal phenomena (including ET experiences!). With a skill for connecting ancient wisdom, new mind-body science and Universal Spiritual teachings, I’m now teaching Star Family Wisdom students how to transform into the New Human and manifest their dreams! I’ve remembered past lives in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient India, teaching and leading Initiates who were ready to embody Spiritual wisdom; and I’m back for more! In this life, I’ve been initiated into the traditional Shamanic practices of North and South America, and the Ancient Holy Practices of Yeshua and the Holy Family (of the Sri Kaleshwar and Shirdi Sai Baba lineage), and am so passionate about serving the collective healing and transformation of people and the planet. I’m also a member of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and am so grateful for the wisdom-keepers on Earth who have supported our Spiritual evolution for thousands of years.

It is my honor to support you in remembering the truth… welcome home to your Star Family!

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