Jenna Layden

Jenna is a former Global Vice President for Whole Foods Market and has been leading teams and individuals through change and transformation for over 15 years. As an experiencer of supernatural phenomena and ET contact, Jenna is has developed a passion for helping humans embrace a multidimensional reality without fear. Through those experiences, Jenna began remembering lives “off Earth” and is now focused on her mission in this life “to be a teacher of lost knowledge and wisdom from the Stars”. Now a Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual/Cosmic Guide, Jenna connects ancient wisdom, new mind-body science and Universal Spiritual teachings to assist people in navigating their healing and Spiritual transformation. In early 2021 Jenna founded Star Family Wisdom, an online educational platform and community, where she offers Shamanic Initiation, and Digital Courses on Spirituality, Shamanism, ET Contact, and Personal Evolution. She is also a member of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and is a passionate advocate for the indigenous communities and wisdom keepers who have been fierce protectors of humanity’s original wisdom.


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