Jenny Zakrzewski

Jenny Zakrzewski is a Psychic Teacher, Master Channeler, and Spiritual Business Mentor. She founded Starseed Academy in 2019 with the Starseed Academy YouTube channel, guiding Souls through their Spiritual Awakening.

Starseed Academy has since grown into a full blown Soul Empire, with signature programs like Psychic Light, a certified program where students discover and master their Psychic Soul Gifts; Starseed Weaver of Light, a certified multidimensional Starseed healing course; and Starseed CEO, a spiritual business mentorship for online entrepreneurs that don’t fit into 3D business energetics.

In 2021, Jenny created the Starseed Academy Membership to create a safe and grounded community space for Awakening Souls, and offer unique trainings, events, and conversations geared to her growing audience.

In 2024, Jenny began working with awakening children and their parents inside her Awakened Kids Mentorship, to support children as their Gifts are emerging, teaching them how to protect themselves, while safely training to use their Gifts to connect with Spirit and enhance their lives.

Jenny’s Divine Mission with Starseed Academy, is to support Awakening Souls as we create the New Earth Paradigm together.

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