Joan of Angels
Angel Therapy & Channel

Dr. Joan of Angels, the Oracle of Ancient Wisdom and Angel of Light, is a seasoned Spiritual Advisor, Reader, and Cosmic Light Activator. With a background as Dr. Joan Hangarter, a Doctor of Chiropractic and an MS in Counseling, Joan merges her extensive expertise as an Oracle, Energetic Healer, and Spiritual Counselor to guide individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery, unlocking their highest potential, and embracing sovereignty.

Renowned for her visionary art and soul essence portraits, Joan has been channeling Angelic Beings since her extraordinary transmission of painting 33 angels in just 30 days. Operating under the name Joan of Angels, she offers Cosmic Soul Essence Portraits, providing glimpses of one’s higher self on other realms and maintaining vibrational frequency activation. Beyond her artistic talents and private sessions, Joan provides Wing Fluffing to activate Angelic Frequencies and Celestial templates, along with Spiritual Chiropractic, an energy healing modality aligning and harmonizing the energy body.

Through public speaking engagements, she imparts wisdom on personal transformation, empowerment, energy body work, and the soul’s journey. Explore Joan’s offerings and receive a free eBook on living your soul-filled purpose at

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