John DeSouza

Former national security investigator for the US government, John DeSouza, is also a researcher and experiencer of paranormal and spiritual phenomena. Early in DeSouza’s career, a police officer told him about his strange experience when he was waved down by a young man who took him to the scene of an off-road accident, where he was able to save the lives of two injured women. But the man who waved him down vanished from the scene, and the officer, who had a very sharp memory, said it was like the details of the man’s appearance were wiped from his mind. DeSouza believes it was likely a case of angelic intervention.

He also detailed an incident in which an eight-year-old boy was interviewed by a task force member in relation to his precognitive dream about 9-11, in which he received a phone call from an adult man who was begging for help as there was a fire in his office building, and he was trapped on the 77th floor. The task force officer revealed that he’d actually had the same dream. DeSouza’s next book, out later this year, The Extra-Dimensionals, will present tales of non-terrestrial visitors, and their agendas on our planet.


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