Kai Shanti

Kai has a unique gift that allows her to transmit the energy of awakening to open and willing spiritual seekers.

Kai was introduced to the kundalini shaktipat tradition in 1994 when she was 27 years old. Her kundalini was awakened by a shaktipat master and within a few months she was in full manifestation of the Divine Mother.

That experience came through a series of events, including a marriage to a rockstar in Los Angeles and a subsequent divorce, which led her to a therapist who encouraged her to try yoga. Knowing nothing about yoga, she picked a studio that she drove by every day, which happened to be a 3HO kundalini yoga practice. Unsatisfied by the answers she received when inquiring about the source of this yoga and wanting to know more about the deep tradition from which these poses evolved, she prayed and was eventually led to the feet of her initial spiritual master, a kundalini shaktipat guru. There she observed and experienced many of the poses that were being done in her previous yoga classes as kriyas (spontaneous, involuntary movements of body, mind, breath and emotions as a part of the kundalini awakening process).

Kai has since undergone a series of dramatic awakenings that have prepared her to work with others. She surrenders to the divine and allows the energy to come through her to work with those in her presence. She often speaks in a higher language of light during her sessions and can make quite an array of unusual, even sometimes disturbing sounds when the divine is clearing lower frequency energies from those she is working with.

Though Kai no longer works directly with her original shaktipat guru, having been guided to forge her own unique path and adopt her own unconventional style of teaching, she is directly connected to Lord Shiva, the Divine and several Gurus in the Shaktipat lineage. As a result of working with Kai, many people report having dramatic life changes, both spiritually and in their everyday affairs.”

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