Keleena Malnar

Keleena has been awake since she was a child and in contact with her guides who have saved her life numerous times. Their message to her was that she would teach from her experiences to lead humanity back to their sacred hearts. 

Through cellular activations from her star family, holy spirit, masters, and angels, Keleena has become her Authentic self, showing the world through captured photos how she becomes the different aspects of herself for her work on the planet for humanity.  

Part of Keleena’s work is an International Facilitator and Wayshower of Ascension, Transformational Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healer, Full Body Channel, Light Language DNA Key Code Activator, Global Sacred Sight Activator, Psychic, Medium, Visionary Artist, Spiritual Mentor to know thyself’s truth, and more.; Keleena’s passion is to see those who come to her become their authentic self with no judgment or fear. She facilitates empowerment through Activations, Multidimensional Quantum Healing, and Mentorship

Portal To Ascension Appearances

Energy Healing, Metaphysics & Spirituality Conference