Kaleena Malnar

Keleena is an International Facilitator and Wayshower of Ascension as well as Divine Feminine leader for our 5th Dimensional Crystalline New Earth. She leads all souls home to their sacred hearts for healing and finding their authentic selves.

Awake since a child, Keleena has had the privilege of seeing and hearing her guides since she can remember. Many times this has saved her life and the lives of her family.

Through important transitions in her life, she was gifted deeper awakening and activations at the cellular level from her galactic star family of light, angelics, and masters that were preparing her for the work she came to do in service for humanity.

Keleena remembers the time period when her crown was expanding between the age of eleven to twelve with migraines, head pressure, and third eye expansion. She also began experiencing goddess embodiments beginning around the age of thirteen. After the birth of her first child and twenty-two months later after her second, both times she experienced even more of a connection to source and the embodiments of the sacred divine mother. Today the sacred cosmic mother frequency flows through her in all ways for her service work.


Energy Healing, Metaphysics & Spirituality Conference