KAren Swain
Spiritual Mentor, Inspirational Speaker

KAren Swain’s spiritual journey was evident as a child, as she never stopped asking questions about the meaning of life and religion, even though she didn’t grow up in a religious household. But her questions were more powerfully activated when her mother became very ill with cancer and died when KAren was a teenager. To the curious mind of a child who never stopped asking questions, KAren’s questions turned to; Why am I here on earth? What Happens When We Die? Where do we go when we die? And if there is a place we go, then this must be where we come from before we are on earth. Where is this place? And what does this place offer us while we are here?

Today KAren Swain is a Teacher of Deliberate Creation, Spiritual Mentor, Channel of Higher Guidance, Educator, Inspirational Speaker, Host of Accentuate The Positive Media, Author of Return to Love and Awakened by Death. She enlightens you to the power of your thoughts and beliefs, how they create your reality and how to live in alignment with your emotional guidance system. This is Guidance on a Cosmic Scale, remembering your connection to your spiritual teams, Angelic help, other aspects through time and space with your multidimensional selves, your soul plan, why you are here and how you contribute to this world. She sits on a galactic council overseeing the activation acclimating of the StarSeeds / volunteers her assisting human consciousness it is evolution.

KAren is a Psychic/Medium, Channel and teacher of Deliberate Creation who Activates, Accelerates, Acclimates and Accentuates the New World Teachers. Supporting the Light-Weavers, Difference Makers and StarSeeds who are bringing in a new dawn of reality. Remember who they are, why they are here on earth and what they have come to achieve.

KAren is one of Australia’s foremost thought leaders and change agents, showing you the way to a more Joyful Connected Multidimensional Life.

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