Kate Alexandra

Anchoring Future Ascended Consciousness has been a theme profoundly woven through the multitude of inter-dimensional and extra-sensory experiences Kate has had throughout her life.

Having encountered premonitions, out-of-body experience & communion with many beautiful expressions of Multidimensional Light Consciousness most of her life, Kate was guided through her own personal healing journey and continued embodiment process, Kate was prepped to both hold and share the Diamond Heart Teachings.

In 2017 Kate became aware that she was being guided and communicated with by the Higher Soul consciousness she knows as the Lyran Grandmother. Aka Sekmet, Kate has learnt to view herself and her life through an expanded lens – that she is here to share with others. It was this Higher Soul Aspect who came to Kate on the day of the 8/8 Portal, sharing that she has the Diamond Heart Teachings and is now ready to share them with humanity.

Having facilitated regressions and guided meditations for the past 5 years, Kate downloaded and curated the regression technique Quantum Bridging, through which she developed deep comprehension of the Subconscious and Superconscious aspects of Self (the 95% of us beyond the conscious logical mind). This was a key foundation to prime and educate Kate on the processes and importance of de-conditioning & bridging Soul consciousness so that we can live as Multidimensional Humans.

Kate’s gained perspectives & wisdom of expanded consciousness and reality has become the foundation of her Service.

Her Soul’s passion is to assist others in reintegrating their Soul’s Signature Essence & Purpose so to find their Soul Truth & live a fuller more Soulful life.

Portal To Ascension Appearances

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