Kiara Windrider
Author, Healer, Therapist

Kiara Windrider is an author, healer and therapist. He has trained in various forms of bodywork, breath work, hypnotherapy, and shamanic healing. Kiara is an avid science researcher, exploring connections between galactic cycles, climate change, ancient history, quantum physics, human behavior and spiritual awakening. As an outcome of this extensive research he has come to the firm conviction that we stand collectively at the brink of a quantum evolutionary leap beyond our wildest dreams. He is currently focused on planetary healing using a system of anchoring divine light known as Ilahinoor. He also teaches Inka shamanic practices, into which he was initiated by Don Juan Nunez del Prado.

Kiara has worked with Egyptian, Huna and Sufi traditions, and is also rooted in Integral Yoga, Kashmiri Shaivism, and the Advaita traditions of India. Kiara travels extensively, and is the author of several books, including Gaia Luminous, Homo Luminous, and Issa: Son of the Sun. He can be reached through his website,, and YouTube channel, Kiara Windrider.

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