Marianna Leah Hernandez

Marianna Leah Hernandez is known as the “Oracle of Union Square. She is a natural medium and psychic who developed She is also a practicing Soul Retrieval Specialist and Quantum Vector Healer, helping people from all walks of life to unlock their greatest potential. Hernandez says that her psychic abilities came to the forefront after she survived a serious car accident when she was six years old, in her birthplace of the city of Kyiv, Ukraine. The trauma caused what she calls the “Butterfly Effect” – she says that she thought she was going to die, but her brain “never caught up to the fact that I was still alive.” The result was lots of spirit activity. “I started to feel the energy of people, their thoughts, and the presence of spirits,” she says. Hernandez and her family eventually moved to New York City when she was nine years old; her entire family was exposed to high levels of radiation during the Chernobyl nuclear reactor meltdown. Hernandez’s radiation level was so high, she was nicknamed the “radioactive kid.” The radiation caused her immense pain and physical problems.

Hernandez now has clients around the world, including Africa and the Middle East. She travels internationally on sacred journeys to conduct “earth grid” and “timeline healings.” Most recently she was in Israel and connected with the Mary Magdalene lineage, becoming a channel for this lineage.

“In my readings, I don’t sugar coat anything – it is the bare truth,” she says. “The information is coming from the spirits and deities I work with – After ALL… I AM JUST A MESSENGER.”

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