Marissa Starseeded

Marissa – meaning “of the sea. is an intuitive healer, quantum meditation guide & past-life regressionist that creates safe spaces of unconditional love and support to allow others to tap into their divine gifts, authenticity, and purpose.

✧ Her starseed awakening occurred four years ago during a past-life regression session. past life regression has propelled her spiritual growth and embodiment of her multi-dimensional self. during this vision she saw myself as a celestial dolphin species that was able to easily traverse through the realms & dimensions.

Her mission is to help you unlock the codes and wisdom within you! we are all such divine beings with psychic abilities and unbelievable gifts and she is committed in assisting your remembrance of who you are!


The Ultimate Star Beings Conference

The Cosmic Dragons Conference

Divine Neutrality Conference

Channeling the Divine Within: Embodying Sacred Energies for Transformation

The Ultimate Star Beings Conference