Mark Anthony, JD The Psychic Explorer®

Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer® (The Psychic Lawyer®) is a fourth-generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits. He is an Oxford educated attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C., and before the United States Supreme Court. Mark travels to mystical locations in remote corners of the world to examine Ancient Mysteries and Supernatural Phenomena. 

Mark appears nationwide on TV & Radio including CBS TV “The Doctors,” Gaia TV, and Discovery Channel. On Transformation Network, he co-hosts the livestream show “The Psychic and The Doc.” He’s a headline speaker at conventions, expos and spiritual organizations such as the Edgar Cayce A.R.E., International Association for Near-death Studies, The Shift Network, Spiritual Awakenings International, Sedona Ascension Retreats, New Living Expo, Helping Parents Heal, Vail Symposium & universities including Brown, Columbia, Harvard & Yale.

Mark Anthony is a VIP Executive Contributor for Best Holistic Life Magazine and the author of the multiple award-winning bestseller The Afterlife Frequency which like his book Evidence of Eternity was considered for a Pulitzer Prize. His other bestseller is Never Letting Go.

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