Maya The Shaman

Maya The Shaman is an Energy Shaman Healer, Author of several collaborative books & Founder of Lemurian Code Academy

Maya is an innovative and Modern Shaman Energy healer. She’s the Author of multiple collaborative book series AWAKENING STARSEEDS Volumes 1, 2, 3, PILLARS OF LIGHT, bestseller ENERGY HEALING & SOUL MEDICINE, and INFINITE COSMIC RECORDS: SACRED DOORWAYS TO HEALING & REMEMBERING (Maya’s Original Healing Modality).

Maya was born in Maharlika (the Philippines) from a lineage of Shamans and Healers. Living most of her life in America, Maya sees the ailing need of the West to be provided with healing from the East. Lemurian Code Healing & Infinite Cosmic Records are original healing modalities by Maya based on “HBR” – a term she created to signify Heart centered healing that Bridges the ancient past to the current healing needs of humanity through the art of Remembering. Her clients found her offering a unique healing work and were asked to teach. Maya is the founder of LEMURIAN CODE ACADEMY, where she teaches her healing modalities.

Her Mission – is to assist in liberating human souls from the distorted and fragmented realms caused by the blanket of Darkness that spread in our planetary matrix, a crucial timeline for humanity to awaken and heal. Maya reminds us of the 26 thousand years of each Cosmic cycle. From Kali Yuga, the Age of Darkness, we are entering the Age of Truth and Light, Satya Yuga, and currently, we are in a Transition period called Yuga Sandhi. As we cross the tunnel of Darkness, we are being embraced by the Cosmic Light of our Creator to reach our destiny, which leads us to the Golden Age. Through the velocity of Awakening and Healing, our most awaited ascension to the Golden Age shall manifest – with sovereignty, freedom, and abundance for all. We are co-creators of this Universe and held by the safekeeping of our highest intentions to come back home in love, light, and peace. Maya is your Lemurian Shamanic guide to finding your path back home.

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