Melanie Ware
Starseed Channel

Melanie is self-taught in her abilities and crystallizing her gifts. An old school/new school way of learning through remembering what you know, from a young age inherently following her excitement, cultivating her truth through the wisdom that is contained within her extensive experiential learning and highlighted by the foundations of her natural abilities as a hybridized human. Melanie’s highest excitement lies within the evolutionary process of the Five Levels of Self Mastery, teaching from her very real experiences and being the bridge through one on one channeling sessions. Whilst Melanie grew up with Extraterrestrial beings and is excited for our natural evolutionary cycle of open contact, she knows that “open contact” is an inside process first. Which leads to her path of service, where her heart sings its song of songs, within the process of KNOWING THYSELF. Therefor it is given that any of these experiences within this grand projection are an opportunity, a choice, the freedom of KNOWING THYSELF, living authentically as you, thus in harmony with our Earth. Melanie is an international author & artist of The Native Heart Healing Oracle & Journal. A vocal channel for her future counterpart of the YahYel, Yanni a Sasquatch counterpart when it is relevant and Sequoia a counterpart from 700yrs up-line. Melanie is also a conscious channel, a Process Practitioner and enters a deep shamanic channeling state when painting and birthing her creations including medicine drums.

Portal To Ascension Appearances

The Starseed Summit 2 Day Conference

The Starseeds & Et Hybrids Conference 2022