Mermaid Mahalia

Mermaid Mahalia is daughter and conduit of the Lyran High Council Family of Angels who interface with her from 1000 light years away. She was ordained by the altruistic LOVE and advanced healing technology of Whale & Dolphin Multidimensional Cosmic Consciousness and dialect and has since become a beacon of solar diamond Light Language by the Alcyone ‘Sea Goddess’ waves of the Great Cosmic Central Sun. Mahalia applies ‘The Bliss Family’ psycho-acoustic Light Sounds as a conductive, transformative scalar dialect She calls ‘Allumina’ to the liquid crystal diamond heart of our music based DNA potential. Her audible and inaudible transmissions produce cymatic overtones that bathe old incoherent patterns held deep in the multiverse of the body temple. Once dense vibrations such as unresolved trauma’s and their emotions are reflected back to the purest light, the bodies innate intelligence will find pathways to restore health, well-being and harmonic resonance. Mahalia is the creator and emissary of the Brain Bliss Technology and Academy offering extraordinary experiential and educational products and services rooted in advanced neuroscience that accelerates and optimizes the human instrument to our birthright of bliss. Author of the Medical Musician, a psychadelic guide to translating interspecies communication, her combination of Stellar Xray vision and Sonic Shamanism have given countless clients miraculous, life changing results. Having recovered her 3D body from multiple concussions and PTSD, Mahalia leads from personal experience of our Superhuman power to regenerate via the Divine Music within and all around us.

Portal To Ascension Appearances

The Dolphins & Whales conference