Mia Magik

Mia Magik is an ambassador for Mother Earth and Modern Magik, reclaiming the truth, that Witch means Wise. By believing in magik we chariot its ancient ways to the present day, and reclaim our sovereignty at a pivotal moment in time.

On a mission of permission, igniting the Wisdom of our IntuWitchin, Mia invites the liberation of your most magikal self through spiritual transfiguration. Purifying the wounds from patriarchal programming so you can truly receive the voice of your inner guidance system.

Over the last decade, Mia has studied Yoga, meditation, Buddhism, Kabbalah, ceremonial magik, Tarot and spiritual medicines, Greek, Tantric, Egyptian, and Daoist Priestess arts, Christian and Sufi Mysticism, crystal healing, Reiki, and has been personally devoted to earth-based spirituality and witchcraft.

She is certified in 13 alternative healing modalities and has coached and facilitated corporate retreats for industry leaders in technology and futurism, film and television, and professional sports. Now she curates her own castle experiences bringing fairytales and Hogwart’s to life!

Celebrating and accessing supernatural gifts at this magikal school, and through her online Academy of Magikal Artistry, she unites everyone with their unique essence, power, and pleasure.

Mia has empowered thousands of people to realize, utilize and reconnect with their infinite spiritual abilities through magik, ritual and embodying Nature’s elements. Mia’s transmission opens and activates multidimensional gifts, harnessing eternal, elemental Earth energy to transform your life, and the world around you.

Portal To Ascension Appearances

The Awakening of Humanity