Michelle Rizzio
Self care with Terpenes

Michelle Rizzio is a young cannabis professional in California’s legal prop 64 industry. Upon discovering and beginning her journey with cannabis in her late teens in Desert Hot Springs, Michelle learned of the medicinal value of cannabis and became more and more curious, as she began to learn about the anecdotal benefits she was receiving as she integrated cannabis into her pain management regimen. In 2010, Michelle moved to San Francisco and became a part of the Prop 215 cannabis landscape, attending many educational symposiums and workshops about cannabis, the synergistic relationship between the plant and the human body, the endocannabinoids system, terpenes, and cultivation. In her 20s, Michelle owned and operated a small hydroponic shop in Desert Hot Springs, a Prop 215 compliant cultivation and collective, and dedicated herself to educating family and friends who wanted to learn how to integrate cannabis into their pain management regimen. Her biggest success to date has been assisting and educating her disabled father on how to utilize cannabis in order to replace his internal and external opiate based medications, including a morphine pump. After five years of guidance and slowly weaning him him off of the pharmaceuticals, her father now fully medicates with cannabis as his primary pain management tool and has been able to heal himself out of a wheelchair and a sedentary lifestyle. In 2018, Michelle entered California’s new prop 64 recreational market and built the footprint of Henry’s Original in the Coachella Valley and Inland Empire. Michelle is now an Account Manager for HERBL Solutions, a distribution company carrying some of the most premier brands of cannabis concentrates, flower, edibles, and tinctures in the recreational market.

Self care with terpenes – how to personalize your cannabis experience.
– introduction to terpene (botanical and cannabis) and the endocannabinoid system
– development of terpenes during cultivation and breeding
– terpene identification and biological impact
– how to purchase cannabis and discern terpenes with your nose and conclusion

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