Nicole Bertrand

Nicole studied pedagogy and sexology at university. She studied Yoga in Shivananda Ashrams to become an Advanced Yoga Teacher. She started her professional career as a mathematics teacher and taught in the public school system for nearly 20 years. During that time, her interest in Buddhism and Zen practices led her to learn Transcendental Meditation. After a long public school teaching career, she landed in Guadeloupe to teach Yoga on the beach. From there, she moved to France and started creating seminars for public company leaders in the fields of Personal Development, Communication, Sexual Education, and Stress management. Nicole gave seminars in France, Switzerland, Guadeloupe, Martinique for several years before moving back to Montreal in 1993.

Nicole’s journey of love and wellness included joining the International Raelian Movement in 1980 to help the last Messenger of our Extraterrestrial Creators in his mission to prepare their return on Earth around the year 2035. She attended yearly seminars given by the Prophet Rael in Quebec, France, Guadeloupe, Japan, USA, and soon after, she joined the International Teachers Team giving Happiness Seminars in those countries. She is now Bishop-Guide of the International Raelian Movement.

She firmly believes that personal happiness is the building block to a happy and peaceful humanity; she enjoys creating workshops aimed to increase the level of love and peace on Earth, so we can soon welcome our Creators in a peaceful world. Nicole Bertrand lives in Montreal, Quebec.

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