Nilesh Nilkanth Oak
Mahabharata & Ramayana Evidence & Timeline

Presentation 1: Dating of the Mahabharata
Mahabharata is Itihasa (This is how it happened) and is composed as a complex puzzle, a combination of Jigsaw and Crossword puzzle together that is full of curiosities, mysterious things, and twists. This was deliberate in order to encode the philosophy and science and the evidence for its timing which can only be deciphered by qualified individuals. This presentation explores multidisciplinary scientific evidence from this longest epic of humankind to assert precise and accurate dating of this ancient event. The event and its dating is important for the accurate understanding of human civilizations around the world.

Presentation 2: Ancient Indian epoch – Ramayana
Sage Valmiki’s Ramayana is the oldest documented epic of mankind that narrates the history of Rama, a king of Ikshvaku dynasty. 600+ empirical pieces of evidence from the epic are brought together to determine precise and accurate dating of Ramayana times and the year of Rama-Ravana Yuddha. This evidence is crucial in comprehending but also rewriting the civilization history of humankind. Multidisciplinary evidence from astronomy, geology, hydrology, geography, agriculture and paleontology is discussed in entertaining and educational fashion from around the world.

Nilesh Oak is an author, researcher, speaker, and corporate consultant. He holds BS, MS in Chemical Engineering, and an executive MBA. He has published 3 books and writes extensively on ancient Indian history. Nilesh helps Indians become aware of the deep antiquity of Indian civilization so that they truly comprehend, present, or defend the grand narrative of India unlike most other Indic researchers because he builds it through scientific acumen and logical reasoning. He is adjunct faculty at the Institute of Advanced Sciences, Dartmouth, MA, USA.


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