Pari Patri

Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) – Introduction PSSM and Patrij’s mission to spread the message of AnaPanaSati Meditation, Plant based living and Pyramid technology to the masses.

Pari Patri, Founder of PSSM Global is an award-winning Executive Spiritual Coach. Formerly a corporate professional who dared and quit her 9 to 5 job to achieve her dream — ‘Empower every single woman to make them self sufficient, become financially independent and extremely confident’. She is a keen researcher and after intense research on various aspects of Pyramids, she has created a holistic and very profound course on ‘Pyramid Mastery’. She is also a Certified Energy Worker, Crystal Expert and Therapist! Pari is a strong-headed woman who has her heart set on enabling the women in our society. She firmly believes that if every single woman can work on herself and show up, authentic and bold—the world can change. She has left no stone unturned to achieve the same. Associated with numerous international organizations, it is her strong intention to spread awareness about and fiercely introduce Patriji and Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement across continents through PSSM Global.

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