Patricia & Daniel Cardona
Mysteries of Mayan Science and Religion

Our presentation will include the following subjects.

The science and religion of the Maya from the Mayan perspective were not separate. Mayan science flowed into Mayan Religious practices. Hunbatz Men often spoke of the movement and the measure which were basic concepts in Mayan Science and Religion. It took us many years to understand when he spoke of the movement and the measure he was talking about Quantum Physics and the particle and wave theory and he was also talking about the balance of the male and female energies.

Mayan Glyphs and murals and their meaning We will be showing important Mayan glyphs and murals and revealing Mayan religion and science and what they represented. Stars, planets, religious symbols, enlightenment, etc . Not the meanings that tourist guides have told tourists the Glyphs were showing but the real meaning according to the Mayan Elders. Some specific examples that will be explained or the Headless warrior, Skull platform, and the Ball court.

Duality and the significance of duality to the Maya: It’s representation in the pyramids at Uxmal and other famous Mayan pyramid sites. Sexual Alchemy and the symbols of sexual alchemy at the pyramid sites and in glyphs and books of the Mayan symbols. This was hidden and pyramid sites were destroyed by the Catholic priests to prevent this knowledge from coming forward. This was the highest form of advancement into higher consciousness and enlightenment in the Mayan civilization and in the deep inner teachings of most ancient indigenous teachings.

How to use ceremony to enter into sacred communication with the ancient Cosmic Maya who are still present at the pyramid sites: The Pleiades and it’s significance to the Maya. We will perform a traditional Mayan ceremony to connect the audience with the ancient Maya.

How to be present in each moment to awaken your multidimensional consciousness. Return to Cosmic Consciousness

Cleansing and healing using the sacred smudge of the Maya: We will cleanse the audience with Copal and send Mayan healing energy to the audience.


Patricia Morris Cardona, MS, APRN, BC, and Daniel J. Cardona, MD, are co-founders of the 501 (c) (3) charitable foundation, The Cosmic Mysteries School. They have been teaching ancient Shamanic Wisdom Teachings for spiritual, mental and physical transformation and healing since 1996, when the school was started, under the request and direction of Solar Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men. Patricia was gifted NAGAK’U Hunbatz Men’s Ancient Tibetan Crystal Skull and his Sastun after his death in September of 2016. NAGAK’U carries Hunbatz Men’s energy and legacy forward to this day. Besides being a board-certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist, Daniel J. Cardona, M.D. has been a student and practitioner of the martial and energy arts for more than 25 years. Patricia Morris Cardona, MS, APRN is a board-certified advanced nurse practitioner and has performed energy healings in-person and remotely for more than 36 years. Daniel and Patricia help others learn to use energy movement, energy medicine, ceremony, meditation and sexual alchemy for healing and rejuvenating the body, and accelerating the frequency of the mind and spirit into Cosmic Consciousness. Patricia and Daniel have received the linage as Mayan Fire Priestess and Fire Priest. They have been trained by Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men, Miguel Vergara Angel, Mayan Fire Priestess, Ann Marie Vergara, and Peruvian Incan Elder Williru Hyuata and other Elders.

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