Paul Moreland

Paul Moreland (Blue Pill) is a lecturer, journalist, entrepreneur, metaphysician and health enthusiast. With over twenty years studying and researching in the field of alternative medicine, metaphysics, and occult sciences Mr. Moreland has fashioned products and protocols that cater to solving problems that continue to escape the scope of modern medicine & science. As a stepson of renowned healer Dr. Sebi Mr. Moreland has been privy to an array of information and applications that have enabled him to combine the knowledge he has attained by studying alternative traditional medicine along with the holistic knowledge he learned from Dr. Sebi and his mother, Annette Thomas. Mr. Moreland’s background in journalism has given him a keen sense of research, which also has aided and assisted in many breakthroughs in his various business endeavors. Mr. Moreland is currently engaged in passionately pursuing bringing this knowledge base into the world of plant based nutrition to create alternatives to the food choices that continue to cripple key segments of our population and with this attained knowledge find unique ways to address our ballooning health crisis. He also is preparing the debut of a virtual ebook called “Convos with the Cosmos” that explores man’s relationship with the sun at a subatomic level.

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